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Rural School Education

Hello Social Developer!

Education plays a very important role to develop a nation, if a country's rural education system is strong, it automatically reflects on the entire development of a country.

The demand of education in modern era is very high, no doubt our literacy rate register some growth in last few year, but we need to improve this sluggish growth. We know there are so many issues in the Indian education system but the most important is to upgrade the rural education system.

"India lives in villages" were the golden words of Mahatma Gandhi many decades ago. Ironically after almost 50 years the data does not seem to disagree. Today a majority of the Indian population still live in the villages. However, there is a sluggish attention being paid towards the rural education system in India.

Last month we have visited some Rural Government Schools for survey and we found there are lots of gap which we need to fill up, in each school we found the attendance of the students is less than 50 percent, some of the 5th class students are not capable to read and write. There are so many things where we found lots of gaps.

How we can overcome such things. We have identified that we need to aware the rural families about the education and its benefits, introduce technology into the education, open more school nearby the villages, provide adequate infrastructure in the school, Focus on conceptual learning, engage student by the instated games,

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