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Every Contribution Will Count!

Raise your hand towards the social causes. Please come forward and contribute towards the transformation of underprivileged people’s lives. Only you can make a change.

|    How we will utilize your donations     |

IandS Foundation always work for the underprivileged peoples we will utilize your donation towards the same our major thematic area to utilize your funds are Education, Skill Development, Natural Environment, Health, Livelihood, Women Empowerment, Natural Resource Management and renewable energy.

|    Donate To Help Children     |

Donate to help children by providing them Non Formal Education, Health and Nutrition, Stationary, Awareness on multiple things like Sexual Harassment, Information Technology, Nature and Environment, Human Trafficking etc.

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|    Donate To Uplift The Rural Women and their Livelihood     |

Donate for uplift the rural women and their livelihood by providing them the product operated by Solar System like Solar Chulla. Develop their Skill on agriculture, develop their SHG unit for the income sources, and enhance their skills on population stabilization, given training on disaster management and Self Defense etc.

IandS Donate IandS Donate IandS Donate

 IandS Donation

IandS assured you that every contribution made by you will count towards the social causes and ensure that all the donors will aware by the impact done by their donations. IandS always make full transparency between the beneficiary and donors.