Iands Foundation

|    IandS Projects    |

Innovation and Sustainability (IandS) Foundation is committed for sustainable development and inclusive growth by focusing on Sustainable Development Goals "SDG" by follow the same we have successfully completed some of our projects listed below.

We are still seeking for the funder who can join us for the social cause to uplift underprivileged people

We also welcome the individual to join us by donate or join us by their prestigious time towards the IandS Foundation

IandS Skill Development

|    Skill Development    |

Education can be means to an end. The end however, is employment so that an individual can sustain himself/ herself and the family. I&S Foundation has undertaken vocational training programme in Retail, Hospitality, Insurance, Electrical, Security etc. domain in various states of India

IandS Women Empowerment

|    Women Empoerment    |

I&S Foundation extensively works for the development of women by providing skill development training to them and providing them economical support by engaging them wage employment activities.

IandS Education

|    Kids Education    |

Our education initiatives is engaged in providing basic education to children and young adults who have been deprived of the opportunity to acquire education and knowledge due to poverty.

IandS Education

|    Drinking Water    |

Drinking Water and Sanitation has always been an important agenda in any developmental discourse taking place in the world. So keeping these facts in mind our foundation is organizing awareness generation programme on use of assets such as water and toilets and discourage open defecation.

IandS Education

|    Health & Sanitation    |

Foundation has also organized various awareness building programme for preventive healthcare of mother and child, adolescent girls, old people, vulnerable sections, women and disabled, Specialty health camps to cure problems found in the village etc.

IandS Education

|    Nature & Environment    |

I&S Foundation committed towards the prevention of healthy and safe environment. It has supported various organizations for creating awareness amongst the people to maintain the environment clean and hygienic.